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Procrastination? Nahhh…Yaahh

There comes a time when every college kid hits that brick wall called “procrastination”. I sounds scary, I know. I’d bet Tails over Heads that if you are reading this article right now, you have also run into the wall.

Unfortunately, I hit this wall three weeks into the new semester. I was sitting in class fantasizing over curling up into a heated blanket and shamelessly watching  all 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, when I suddenly realize that I haven’t done my assignment for a class later in the day!

I look back through the gap day in my MWF schedule to figure out why on earth would I (a smart, beautiful, intelligent girl… Did I say smart twice) would fail to complete a simple assignment.

That’s when I realized…

Only three weeks into the semester,

I turned into Miguel (Road to El Dorado) when he couldn’t find a valid excuse to not participate in the sacrifice of his gold. (My gold is Netflix time.)

It all makes sense now.

When sickness turns to allergies…

Okay, so this season has been especially difficult on my immune system. I’ve been sick a total of four times! FOUR TIMES. I wash my hands all the time and I keep myself clean, but when you are away at college, you are at the mercy of thousands of other 20-somethings and their hygienic habits (or lack of).

Anyways, today I can feel my cold dissipate. My voice is back, fever is gone,  and my appetite is strong (-er than it should be… Shoutout to that empty brownie pan 🙈).So as any flu-infected person would react, it was safe to say I was relieved. THEN my nose got stuffy and my eyes are inanely watery and sensitive to light, dander, and my lovely boyfriend’s man-cave basement.

Its almost like that line… How does it go?

Apparently it can.

A Poem For My Grandmother

In remembrance of my Grandma Rita, I wrote a poem that I would like to share with everyone.

For Rita
By: Mackenzi Noel

On the eve of your day, we remember
How the sun catapulted rays that made their way
Across galaxies and generations.

A stream off the edge of the trees
Tranquil and yet turbulent
Shimmering at the touch of the faintest ray.

The soil warming at the caress of warm air
Providing both a start for the fledgling flowers
And a sanctuary for the weathered rodents.

The rolling wind that whispered of vibrancy
Carrying the hearts of those who saw more to the world
Coaxing the explorers to explore
And the eager to fly

The tree that stands tall amidst the forest
Establishing deep roots and unwavering sturdiness
The bark so strong, that not even the cruelest predator can ensnare the baby mouse
And branches that extend to the end of the Wood.

The stars that shine – even after their darkest hours
Providing sailors a direction and a beacon for the astronauts
Carry the rays with them
A gift from Mother Nature
I know your ray is there,
Because on the eve of the day, I saw your shooting star.